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Sixth Sense for Spaces



IntuitThings has created products that are instinctive and do something that others don’t, they think. So while they follow your every command, you don’t always need to tell them what to do. They just sense it.


Now control all your appliances and systems, with just a tap on phone or a simple text message, from anywhere in the world.


Our home and office automation solutions intuitively do what you need them to do, without you having to spell it. Like, turn off the lights in a room when you leave. Or regulate the required temperature


Get alerts on your phone in case of an unwanted presence with an occupancy and door-opening sensor.


Set your favourite profiles and use them according to your mood.  Schedule the functioning of your appliances on the basis of your needs.


A wide range of products that just know.

Our home automation products are high on tech and low on costs. They come with a host of intelligent attributes that make them easy to use and make your spaces really intuitive.


Requires no civil work. No rewiring. No specialised installation experts.


Patentable design with a fully CE Class A compliant hardware. Robust and compact.


Available at a cost that’s almost 50% lower than the competition.


Stylishly designed to match and complement any décor.




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About Us

IntuitThings is a brand with a passion to create IoT products that offer solutions that are beyond smart. Products that actually think for themselves. IntuitSpaces is an offering born out of that drive. Our holistic home and office automation solutions are thoughtful and intuitive. They are high tech and affordable. And are created right here in India, right from ideation to production. They are a realisation of our dream to make a cutting-edge product that is within the reach of everyone.

The Team

We are a team of 10, driven engineers headed by our founder Neil Savant. Neil has completed his Masters in engineering from The Ohio State University. He worked for 4 years in the U.S. before returning back to India to fulfill his entreprenual dream and answer the Prime Minister’s call to: Make in India